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Liles Ambassador Submission

Professional Development workshops being planned: (dates TBD)*Planning to showcase the use of GlogsterEDU in the social studies classroom at a GCHE mini-conference;*Planning to showcase the use of GlogsterEDU at my school, demonstrating how it can be used with various Web 2.0 applications and Discovery Education products; date TBD: event will be hosted in conjunction with the media committee.*National At-Riske Education Network GA (NARENGA) min-conference: I will present Glogster as a tool to engage youth

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DEN LC Glogster Event 11/4/10

DEN LC Glogster Event 11/4/10

Sample glog that will be submitted as part of lesson plans designed for the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum. GlogsterEDU is a featured technology application in the lesson plans I am creating for the museum.

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Ideas for using GlogsterEDU:*It can be used as a tool for students to create social science fair projects. GlogsterEDU is a good tool for students with Dyslexia and difficulty writing to showcase what they know in a stress free and creative manner. Instead of traditional poster boards classes can create a portfolio of their work, and teachers can have posters made of the Glogs for display.*Students can use Glogster to create portfolios of their work, and to showcase themselves and present skills and talents in a unique and creative way, sort of like a digital resume.*Educators can supply students with standards that they are addressing, and have the students create GlogsterEDU portfolios of work showing that they are meeting the standards.*Academic galleries can be created by printing student glogs that include standards. Students can embed podcasts explaining their academic galleries using glogs.*Educators can use Glogster to create digital portfolios showcasing themselves meeting professional standards and place the Glog on their website.

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