Lila-Division ASSIGNMENT

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Lila-Division ASSIGNMENT

Division is just multiplication backwards.

Word Problems 1. Bridget Mendler has 7 songs out . If you look at them all there are 140 lyrics in all. How many chorus's are in all?2. If there is a bag of 22 sunglasses how many lens's are there in all?

Division By: Lila

Division VocabularyDividend- A dividend is the number being divided.Divisor- A divisor is the number by which another number is divided.Quetient- The answer to a division problem.Remainder- The extra number that is left over.

Does Mc.Donalds Sell Cheese Burgers?Divide (does)Multiply (mc. donalds)Subtract (sell)Compare (cheese)Bring Down (burgers)



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