Like Air

by bturek
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Like Air

I lost something. A very important part of me.The worst part is that I probably never had it. He came into my life a cool breeze. Everyone knows that you can't catch air. But I'm a fool and yes I tried.And just when I thought I had him, he slipped right through my fingers. Like Air. If I close my eyes, I can still feel his arms around me.Grabbing his hand and pointing at Orion. Feel his breath on my neck, his body calming my cold shivers. I replay that moment every time I blink. I heard him tell me to open my heart. I felt him open his. And for the first time in a long time, I felt safe.Every fear that I had . Every insecurity vanished when he told me that he loved me. So soft. So low. So gentle. So real. The moment magnified, I could hear the fish swim in the river below. I could see the fragment of glass on the moon and everything went silent. So quiet that you could hear my breathless response. I wanted to cry. I wanted to reach up and slap God high five. But then like air- it disappeared. His breathing got heavy. I saw flickers in his eyes and within a couple of seconds my world came crashing down. His confessions cut me like shrapnel.And even though his thoughts hadn't become actions,I couldn't help but feel like I had lost him. It hurt so bad. So bad. He turned the tables on me with his sexy swiftness. Made me feel as though I had committed the ultimate crime. And what did I do? I let him. He made my eyes melt. Made my ears bleed. Made my heart ache. And just like a cool sudden breeze- he was gone. He removed a pebble from my foundation and collapsed the greatest pyramid in Egypt. And after the dust cleared, and the air had returned to it's resting stage. I was left in ruins. Like air- I was gone.



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