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A strike is acually made up of between 3 and 12 individual lightning 'strokes', each only lasting a few thousandths of a second.

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Water and ice move around inside the cloud, forced up by warm air currents, down by gravity, and compressed in the cloud. The particles in the cloud become charged, just as rubbing a balloon can create static electricity. Its not clear how it happens, but the charges seperate in the cloud, positive charges move up and negitive move down. Once a large charge seperation has built up the positive and negitive charges seek to reach each other and neutralise. ‘Streamers’ come up from the ground to form a pathway. Once a pathway is completed a spark forms, neutralizing the charges, the negative charge races down, and the air surrounding it heats up.The spark is very hot at almost 36,032 degrees fahrenheit, it rapidly heats the air to create a shock wave.

Lightning facts- Each lightning flash is about 3 miles long, but only a centimeter wide.- A single lightning bolt releases as much energy as blowing up a ton of TNT.- At any time there are over 2,000 thunderstorms occuring world wide, each producing over 100 lightning strikes a second.

here is a slow motion video of lightning

Considering light travels very fast – about 186411 miles per second, and that sound only travels at 0.186411 miles per second. Light is a million times faster than the sound. To find out how far away the storm is, you can count how long before you hear the sound after the lightning. For every 4 seconds between the flash and the rumble, the thunderstorm is 1 mile away.



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