Lightning Thief - DEK

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Lightning Thief - DEK

The main idea of the Lightning Thief is about Percy Jackson and his friends. They all are on a quest to retreive Zeus's Master Bolt.

The Author's purpose was to Entertain people while informing them about different Greek Gods. Such as Zeus, Poseiden, Hades and many more.

Percy is a boy who doesn't care much about the gods but goes on a quest with his two friends to retrive Zeus's master bolt.Annabeth is the daughter of Athena,who goes on the quest with Percy.Grover is a satyr at Camp half-blood and has the responsibility to protect Percy. He is also another friend who goes on the quest with Percy.


Problem: The problem is that someone stole Zeus's master bolt.Solution: The solution is that Percy,Annabeth and Grover go on a quest to retrieve the bolt.

Settings: The main setting was Camp half-blood but there was also many other settings. Like, the casino,the arch of St. Louis, a gas station, Aunty Em's Emporium,Yancy Academy, Percy's mom's apartment and many more!!

Important Events: When Percy Jackson fights the Mighty Minotaur. When Percy slices Mrs. Dodds into many little talons. When they are on the arch of St. Louis fighting the Chimera. When Percy's mom vanishes into gold dust. I can't name them all!

Fact And OpinionFact: The Master Bolt is Stolen.Opinion: Percy is the best Character!



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