Light Pollution

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Light Pollution

Light Pollution

One of the many different types of pollution is light pollution. Light pollution is the excessive use of artificial light. Effects of light pollution can result in: brighting of the night sky, disrupting cycles and activities of wildlife and animals, and health problems in humans, just to name a few. A real life example of light pollution is New York City. So many lights are on there, you cannot see the stars in the night sky!

This is a picture of New York City. Why is the sky yellow? Good question! This type of light pollution is skyglow. When so many artificial lights are shining, it causes the sky to glow!

These are both pictures of the same place: the San Francisco Bridge. also known as the Golden Gate Bridge. But, the picture on the left is a regular picture with light pollution. For the picture on the right, artist Thierry Cohen decided to do something different. He took a regular picture of the bridge, and made it if there wasn't any light pollution! Pretty cool, right?

Fun Facts about light pollution:1. In 2013, a study found that Hong Kong is the worst offender in the world for light pollution! Worse than New York City! 2. Only one in three Americans can see the Milky Way with the naked eye! 3. About 2,500 single stars are able to be seen with the naked eye. But, you can only see 200 to 300 stars in the suburbs! In the city, you can just see fewer than 12 stars in the sky!

This video is about how the world is losing the dark because of light pollution.

View this video to find out many cool fun facts about light pollution!


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