Light is Bright!

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Light is Bright!

Light is Bright!

Speed of Light!We don't exactly know how fast light is, but we do know it goes 299,792,458 meters a second! Or, 186,000 miles a second!

Opaque, Translucent, and Transparent!.Opaque- Allows no light, but a dark shadow.Translucent- Allows some light through, but a light shadow.Transparent-Allows all or most of the light through, but no shadow.

Light-By, Kristijan Zvonarek

Light we See Today!

Prism and a Mirror!


How Does Light Travel?Light can travel in many ways, going straight, zig-zagging, and it can travel by a mirror! So, to make it travel by mirror, you need a mirror, a box or anything blocking the lights way, and something at the end to take in the light! Then, when you flash the light on the mirror it gets to the screen in record time!

What Happens witha Prism and Light?When you shine a light through a prism the white light gets seperated and makes a beautiful rainbow! This happens because the white light gets seperated ny the shape of a clear medium.


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