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Light bulb

Light Bulbs

Why Using Fire was a Problem

Before the light bulb was invented people had to use candles or torches. Candle or torches were dangures and unreliable to use. If you dropes the candle or torch on wood it would catch fire and could result in you losing your home. If it is hot and windy you would open the windows but the wind would blow out the fire so you would not be able to see.

When it rains or it is windy the will be no light for us to use

How the Light Bulbs Work

Inside of a bulb that is fill with argon, nitrogen, krypton, xenon. This is to prevent oxygen from coming in to the bulb, if it does the filament will catch on fire. There are a positive and a negative wire inserted into a glass frame. These wires are are atached to filament, the electrical will run through the filament heating it up to a extremly high tempreture, this will make light.

Fire is very dangerus, you could burn yourself and get blisters

What Are the Problems with Lightbulbs

When you use or make a light bulb you need energy and most energy comes from buring coal. when coal is burnt it releases toxic chemicalls in to the air. Theese chemicals are very harzards and can posion your blood stream. Burning coal can also contribute to global warming. The light bulbs can also contain mercury that is extremly toxic for earth and you. It can cause liver, kidney and brain poisioning.

Since the invention of the light bulb people now are able to stay up late at night with out having to worrry about it getting dark. This now meant that people could have light anytime of the day and anywhere. People could now work or play late at night, for they would now be surounded by light.

Social or cultural results

LED light bulbs

LED lights are the most energy eicent light bulb. They only need 9w to produce 450 Lumen, compare to the traditional indasencent bulbs wich need 40w to produce 450 lumen. The LED light bulbs can last between 15-20 years. The LED bulb also saves your money, you only need to spend an average of $1.08 per year, for 450 lumen.

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