Light and Colour

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Light and Colour


Effect of Refraction

Reflection occurs when light bounces off an object.The angle of the incidence is equal to the angle of reflection

Light is a form of energy and has a speed of the universal speed limit;light travel the fastest.Through a vacumm,it travels the fastest and through a denser medium,it slow down.The speed of light is 300000km/s.Luminous object give off light by themself while non-luminous object don't give off light but some reflect light

Light travels in straight lines and produce a shadow when an object block the passage of light


Shadow produced by a sharp point of light

Shadow produced by a broad beam of light


Light rays striking a smooth surface is called regular reflection.It cannot be formed on a screen and is laterally inverted.It is upright and have the same size.The distance from the reflecting surface is same as the objectLight rays striking a rough surface is called diffuse reflection.The individual rays are reflected in different direction.No image is formed

Type of reflection


The image formed in a plane mirror is the same size as the object,laterally inverted and uprighted.It help change the direction of light and increase the amount of lightThe image formed in a convex mirror has a smaller size,laterally inverted,uprighted and has a larger field of vision.It help see around different angles and wider field of visionThe image formed in a concave mirror when the object is close to it is bigger in size,uprighted and virtual.When the object is far from it,it is inverted and real.It help give an image which is magnified and upright

Refraction is the bending of light as it passes from a medium into another.Refraction will result in the change in the speed of light.When the density increase,the speed of light decrease as light rays bend towards the normal.When the density decrease,the speed of light increase as light rays bend away from the normal


Object partially submerged in water look like they were bent.The apparent depth of a pool look shallower than the real depth of a pool

Dispersion of white light

The light of different colour bent by different angle as they leave the prism

Newton's Disc

Colours of light

The primary colour are green,blue and red.The secondary colours are yellow,magenta and cyanAn object will appear in certain colours due to the reflection of the colour and absorb he rest of the spectrum.Red appear red,yellow appear red,green appear black,white appear magenta,cyan appear blue,magenta appear magenta and blue appear blue



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