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Earth Sciences

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Shadows are formed when an object blocks a fraction of light. Shadows could also be areas where light cannot pass through. Normally, shadows are made when light is shining from a particular angle. This is what causes shadows to look long or short. For example, your lookslonger in the sunset than at midday. This is because in the afternoon the light is directly about your head while in the afternoon the sun comes from the side.

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. He experimented with wire and also experimented the lasting duration


Fun factsWho invented the light bulb?

Light is a source we use to see things or make things visible. It can be very faint or very bright. Light can be found almost everywhere. Light is formed when light rays hit a surface. The surface it hits could

reflect the light rays, refract it, stop it from passing through, go through it etc. The rays of light are straight lines and can reflect in different angles, depending on where the light is coming from.


Light can have a natural source of a man-made source. Here are some examples~Natural Man-madeThe Sun Light bulb Fire Candle/Matchsticks Flourescent/Translucent

Sources of Light

Light is a natural agent that allows us to see


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