[2015] monica hsu (PE10): Lifesyle Choices

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[2015] monica hsu (PE10): Lifesyle Choices

talk to someone when you have a problempeople can realize you are troubled before the situation gets out of hand, at the same time getting the help you need

playing an instumentit's a stress outlet and a way of meeting new friends

eating different food everyday taking in various nutritions everyday is vital, eating different food everyday allows you to achieve that

lifestyle choices

watching netflix for most of your timesitting or lying down for a long period of time is not healthy and the action causes a neglection of school work

eating a large portion of junk food everydayjunk food do all kinds of harm to your body, clogging blood vessels, thinning bone mass

jog every morning -jogging in the morning gets your spirits up for the day and get the excercise you need

relieve stress by doing drugs not a permanante solution, and you get addicted on drugs, furthermore, your stress problem gets worse

alienate your familyit's easier to for your family to detect if you're in danger if you talk

positive lifestyle choices .

drinking alcohol at partiesit's easier for a minor to get addicted to alcohol rather than an adult, also you get get a police record

negative lifestyle choices

eating a suitable portion every mealstays self-confident, doesn't hurt your body, get the nutrition and energy nessesary


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