Lifestyle in Britain since 1948 Food Hun Rim

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Lifestyle in Britain since 1948 Food Hun Rim


Change in Lifestyle and Food in Britain since 1948

Why food changed?During and after the war,many people from other parts of Europe came to live in Britain.More shops started to sell continental food. Since then,many people from other parts of the world also migrated to Britain and packaged food was introduced. As a result, shops started stocking food from all round the world. Beacause many woman work outside the home, and more people live on their own, convenience foods were popular.

Food Timeline1948-bread rationing ends1948-potatos rationing ends1949-instant pudding wasdiscovered1950-Gum developed1950-smoothies developed1952-diet soda tasted for the first time1953- Sweet and sugurrationing ends1955-first mc Donald built in the USA by mac and dick mc Donald.1958-cocoakrispies were in troduced in the united stats1964-pop tarts were invented and sold in shops1976-poprocks and jelly bellies were invented and sold shops1984-red bull energy drink was first made1990-aritisan bread was invented and sold in shops.

1984 first red bull energy drink

1955 first Mc Donald

1948 potato rationing ends



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