Lifestyle. Environment. Personal behaviour. Bad habbits.

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Lifestyle. Environment. Personal behaviour. Bad habbits.

There are 7,2 billiards people on the earth! But the longest life continuous is in Japan, Switzerland and Australia! Why? Maybe it depends on life level? Yes, but just particularly! Then, why does New-York, one of the most developed cities of the US, is just on 56th place? The main reason is that there are not so much ecological problems as in many others. Have you ever seen how green is Melbourne or Zurich? These cities are also very clean because of strict but fair laws.



Earth`s population:

7 200 000 000 people

Special Velo road in Tokyo

But, does our health depend only on environment? Of course not! If you want to live a happy and long live, first of all, begin to change yourself from your life style. Stop, eating genetically modified products, begin to move, go for a walk in a forest or park more often! You can even try to use your bike instead of public transport! Make efforts to rid of bad habits. There are almost no smoking, drinking alcohol or drug addicted people in Switzerland, Australia etc.

Eating fast food is also a bad habit! Do you know that USA is a 2nd in a top of countries that suffers most of all of obesity!



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