Lifestyle and Money in Britain by Sung Hoon 6C

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Lifestyle and Money in Britain by Sung Hoon 6C

1948: Six million women at work and men 14.5 million is at work. The daily mail cost one old penny, eggs cost 12.5p per dozen.1950: The average weekly wage was about 7.28 pound in 1950s1959: In 1959 the mini went of sale for 496 pound about the amount of money someone earned in a whole year.1960: The average weekly wage was 14.10pound1961: Eggs cost 35p per dozen.1965: 20,000computers worldwide. A desktop computer cost about 67,000 pound in today’s money.1968: A chocolate bar cost 2.5p, the daily mail cost 2p1970: Equal pay act women also got the same right to pay as men.1971: Decimal coinage came in. Before this there was 12d in a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound. The daily mail cost 2p per day. It cost 3p to send a first class letter.1971: A mars chocolate bar cost 6p.1974: First domestic microwave cooker was sold.1975: VHS Video recorder went on sale, Eggs cost 40p per dozen.1980: Average weekly wage for men was 127.70pound and women was 75.20pound,1984: Apple Macintosh launched at 4000pound in today’s money.1990: A chocolate bar cost by 20p.



Decimal coins

Mail in Britain 1948



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