Life Structure

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Life Structure

The working condition was not beneficial for everyone (every person in the united states). It is because some people worked in factories. Factory Workers had to face long hours, poor working conditions, and job instability. During economic recessions many workers lost their jobs or faced sharp pay cuts. New employees found the discipline and regulation of factory work to be very different from other types of work.

The immigration was done by different people and different countries. It occured between 1866 and 1914, approximately 26.5 million new immigrants (arrived to the shores of America).

Life Structure

Living and Working Conditions

Impact of Monopolization

Assimilation is defined as absorbing the society or any other culture. Immigrants come to the United States for variety of reasons. Most of the people come to America because of freedom of speech, religion, and media(press).

Assimilation of Various Groups

Impact of Inventions and Innovation.

Innovations and Inventions is a great step performed by United States. It improved many people live styles. For example , telephone , typewriter and steam boat. It created psotive and negative impacts on society by the innovations and inventions

Positive Impact : Many people made their future bright, due to their immigration to the shores of America. It was because they gained more opportinities ( such as Jobs, Education, and Living Style)Negative Impact : Many Americans lost their jobs as Immigrants took them.

Positive Impacts : 1. Bessemer Proccess : It is the industrial process for the manufacture of steel from molten pig iron. It was developed by Sir Henry Bessemer. This process advanced the transportation by helping creating railway tracks and exanding metal.2. The other positive impacts are transportation, textile industry and the life in city.3. It also includes some positive inventions such as Telephone, Typewrites and steam engine.

Negative Impact : The downside was how dangerous the machinery can be. Early machinery for farming was run by steam under pressure. There could be and were explosions. People were often scalded to death while trying to operate and maintain some of this machinery. There were exposed belts and pulleys in which operators would sometimes become entangled

The living conditions were also very bad. Many peoples who were working in factories had worked for very low wages in crowded, unsafe conditions with poor ventilation or inadequate heat. No limit existed for the number of hours a person could be required to work. - The other factor was child labor, children could be found routinely working in mills and factories under dismal conditions

Between the Civil War and World War I, the United States experienced great economic changes, ultimately emerging as an industrial power. The Gilded Age and Progressive Era saw business giants achieving unparalleled wealth, while in the cities, factories, farms, and mines, Americans' terrible condition of poverty became reality. This is one of the factor in which it infected the United States by Monopolization.

It includes Rockfeller, he impacted it in a bad way by dewstroying other people buisness and buying the same buisness. He owned the Standard Oil Company by getting the money from this process.


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