[2015] Abbie Blume: Life Soundtrack

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[2015] Abbie Blume: Life Soundtrack

I picked the song “I’ll Be There For You” by the Rembrandts- which if you remember is the theme song to the TV show Friends. This was my mom’s favorite show and while she was in labor, waiting for me to be born, she watched them in the hospital. Now it’s one of my favorite shows and my mom always laughs when she hears me singing the song. Maybe it’s from listening to it thousands of times when I wasn’t even born yet. This song is just really upbeat and even if it was just a theme song for a TV show me and my mom both like, it also has a good message in the lyrics. In a way it’s like my mom was saying that she would be there for me.

The Soundtrack of my Life

I met one of my best friends Lucy in 6th grade, we were never really close until we were both on the 7th grade volleyball team together. We grew really close after that and I’m really thankful for that because she really understands me. I’m using the song “Secret” The Pierces, to describe our friendship and this event in my life. This song is the Pretty Little Liars theme song we watch this show almost everyday after school together. I also wanted to use this because whenever she stays the night at my house, we go outside and get on this swing and talk for hours and have our own “secrets.” I think it’s good to have people like her as your friend because it makes you laugh more, smile more, and just be a happier person.

I chose the song “Over The Rainbow” Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, to represent the time in my life when my Grandpa Zeke died. They played this song at his funeral and it just stuck with me after that. I wasn’t extremely close to him and usually when I saw him, he wasn’t doing very well. But, I know he was a very generous person and he loved everyone around him. He always took the chance to say “I love you” at any given opportunity and I admire him for that. He loved his wife, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren- more than I ever thought was possible.

`I used the song “I knew you were trouble” Taylor Swift for when my triplet sisters were born. While being very excited for Morgan, Madison, and Mackenzie I was also very nervous and confused. I remember staying the night at my grandma’s a lot when my mom was in the hospital and all I knew was that I was going to be a big sister. Turns out, they are insane and I mean that in the nicest way possible. They each have their own personalities and differences and they are definitely not what I was expecting. They are exactly like what you think little sisters would be like: lots and lots of trouble.

I picked the song “We Are The Champions” Queen for the time in 7th grade when we won the LCL championship. It was a really loud and crazy moment. We all improved so much after that season and it was just great to have 11 new best friends around me. It was worth all the sweat and tears we went through. I remember when Ashton scored us our last point of the season and we all ran up and hugged her. We really were close to one another, emotionally and physically.


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