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Life Science

Life Science

Why do organisms look the way they do?

Cell Division: Meiosis

Probabilty and Punnett Squares

Asexual and Sexual Reproduction

Punnett squares allow us to predict the outcome, or probability, or an organism receiving a trait from their parents.

Inherited TraitsLearned TraitsDominantRecessiveGenesChromosomesDNASelective BreedingMutationReproduction

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Scientific Practices

1. Asking Questions and Defining Problems2. Developing and Using Models3. Planning and Carrying Out Investications4. Analyzing Data and Intrepreting Data5. Using Mathematics, Information, and Critical Thinking6. Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions7. Engaging in Argument from Evidence8. Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Informaiton

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Sexual Reproduction: Two parents, genetic variation, more complex organisms, slower time periodAsexual Reproduction: One parent, no genetic variation, lower organism complexity, quicker time periodBoth Reproductions: Produce offspring, offspring develops ad grows, use DNA to create new life


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    Overall, this is real nice. All the different aspects come together to create a holistic look. In particular, the sketching of the chemical compounds gives it an academic look. I also like the way the meiosis comes out when it is clicked. However, when it enlarges it is harder to see because it overlaps with other items on the Glog. I would find this useful if I were in a science class. Good job!