Life on the Goldfields

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Life on the Goldfields

Hard Life

There were mostly men on the goldfields trying their luck to find gold. Diggers would usually work 6 days a week and work all day long. Diggers would also hide from the police so they wouldn't get fined and secreatly drink in tents called grog tents. Women would usually stay at home looking after the kids, cleaning the house, washing cloths and making dinner but they sometimes would look for gold werther it was so they could get extra money or their husban might be sick. People wuld come here to strike it rich but they found out its harder than it looks.

Children on the goldfields would either help find gold with their parents or go to school. If they went to school they would have to change schools often so their parents could get the best gold spots. Children would also do house work looking after their siblings, help pan for gold or look after the horses.



The diet of most diggers was mutton, damper and tea. Fruit and vegetables were rare until Chinese immigrants made market gardens. There was also some canned fish, pickles and salted meat. These things would not go off.


BushrangersOn the goldfields there were good people and bad a bushrangers were certianly bad people. They would steal fast horses, guns, money, gold and even kill or hurt people. The commissioner would put wanted signs up and sometimes rewards of 2,500 puonds when they got caught they would be sent to jail or even killed.

When the diggers first came to the goldfields they would live in tents and change location often to get the best spot to mine. Later they became more settled with families and built houses out of wood, wattle and daub or mud. The floors were usually dirt or timber. The main feature was a fireplace outdoors so they could cook the mutton.


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Life On The Goldfields


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