Life on the Goldfields

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Life on the Goldfields

Life on the goldfields!By Lily & Charlotte

Victorian goldfields!

Different types of mining!

the chinese and the tents

Tools!In the time of the goldrush there were many different types of tools that you would use to mine for gold. Some of the tools were shovel, pick, pan and cradle. Shovel was used to put soil into a cradle or in the case of shaft mining. Pan is used to shake gently through water this was one of the simplest techniques. Cradle is a large wooden tool used to wash through large amounts of soil, gravel or sand.

Supplies!When you are a miner you need many supplies to last you a long time on the goldfields. Miners need: tea to drink on cold days, flour to make damper, tents to keep you dry from the rain and protect you from the sun, wollen blankets to keep you warm at night and mutton to eat. Normally 2lbs of tea would last you 2 weeks,5lbs of flour to make damper would last you ten days. 2lbs of mutton would last you 8days.

Permits and Miner Tips!.Buy a permit.Buy supplies for the month.Chose what type of mine and where you will work.Buy tools to mine ofr goldNormally a permit will expire in a year after buying it.Permits must be shown if demanded by those under government auothrity.


life on the golfields!


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