Life on the Goldfields

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Life on the Goldfields

WaterThe people that lived and mined for alluvial gold were lucky and could get water from the river. If not they would have to bring their own fresh and clean water on their way to the goldfields

Life on the Goldfields

ClothingOne person would usually wear one set of clothes, and when they coudn't wear it any more, they would change into another set of clothes that was dry and warm and clean. Law and OrderTo be able to keep the gold that you mine and find, you need to have a miners permit. If you didn't have one, the Trippers would take the gold from you and you might even get beaten up and arrested.

HousingThere are three stages in housing; Stage 1 - Tent; Stage 2 - Cotadge; Stage 3 - House;The house was only realy needed when all of a miners family were on the goldfields, otherwise they would only bee extremely wealthy if they lived in a house on the goldfields.EducationThere was no education places like schools on the goldfields. The only place were people learned sometimes was church depending if the goldfield area was quite known or not.

TransportPeople traveled to and from the goldfields on either a horse or on foot. If the miner was realy rich and wealthy, could afford a small coach that would be pulled by two strong horses.HealthThere weren't any doctors on the goldfields, so if a person got hurt or sick they had to stay at their place and rest. Most sicknesses were from old food and the moisture in the air.

FoodFood was one of the most important things on the goldfields. The food had to come with you as there wasn't any food on the goldfields. The main things were: meet(mutton), tea and flour.


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