Life of Pi Training Richard Parker

by Kizzzzz
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Life of Pi Training Richard Parker

"If I survived my apprenticeship as a high seas animal trainer, it was because Richard Parker did not really want to attack me." -Pi


Training Richard Parker

Pi is stranded in his lifeboat with Richard Parker, and he decides that he need to train him in order to let him on the boat more regularly. He uses a whistles and turtles as shields to get Richard Parker to go to the bottom of the boat. On the first attempt he gets knocked into the water. They also go through various training excercises using Richard Parker's feces. Pi reminds himself that the tiger isn't perfect, and Richard Parker is mainly tamed.

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"Richard Parker made his point with me four times. Four times he struck me with his right paw and sent me overboard, and four times i lost my shield."-Pi

"In my case, to protect myself from Richard Parker while I him, I made a shield with a turtle shell, I cut a notch on each side of the shell and connected them with a length of rope. The shield was heavier than I would have liked, but do soldiers ever get to choose their ordinance." -Pi



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