Life of Pi Rescued

by Kizzzzz
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Life of Pi Rescued

SummaryEventually the boat washes up onto a Mexican beach. Pi crawls into the sand and Richard Parker runs off into the jungle. Pi is sad that he never got to say goodbye to Richard Parker. Villagers come to Pi's rescue and take im to the hospital where they feed him and clean him up. He cant understnd them but he realizes that he is saved.



Pi gets rescued on a Mexican beach.

"When I reached land, Mexico to be exact, I was so weak I barely had strength to be happy about it." -Pi

"I struggled to shore and fell upon the sand. I looked about. I was truly alone,orphaned, not only from my family, but now of Richard Parker, and nearly, I thought, of God." -Pi

"The people who found me took me to their village, and there some women gave me a bath and scrubbed me so hard i thought i wondered if they realized i was naturally brown skinned and not a very dirty white boy." -Pi

"I was overwhelmed by the generosity of those who rescued me. Poor people gave me clothes and food. Doctors and nurses cared for me as if i was a premature baby." -Pi



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