Life of Jacques Cartier

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Life of Jacques Cartier

Cartier was the first person to discover the St. Lawrence River. He traveled 1,000 miles up the St. Lawrence River. Cartier had his first voyage when he was 43 years old. He also discovered Canada, and Quebec. Frances was the king of France and he gave Cartier enough funding for 2 ships.Jacques Cartier claimed the land for France because that was his sponsoring country and where he grew up. It was because of Jacques Cartier France was able to build a vast colony for everyone to go to. Now they have more land and more money.

About Jaques Cartier

Cartier was born in France around 1491. He died on September 1st 1557. Cartier’s first voyage was in 1534. His last voyage was in 1542. Cartier’s ship name was the Grande Hermine. He had two goals. One of his goals was to find a Northwest Passage from France to Asia. The second one was to find gold and spices. Cartier discovered the St. Lawrence River, Canada, and Quebec. Cartier had 3 voyages in all.

The explorer

Life of Jacques Cartier

In my treasure box i had France's flag, gold and silver rocks and coins, spices, map, a picture of Jaques Cartier, and journal writing.

Treasure box

Jaques Crtier Sailor

Grande Hermine

Malama Honua

France's Flag


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