Life of a teenage boys in the 1930s (by khaled14)

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Life of a teenage boys in the 1930s (by khaled14)

Life of a teenage boy in the 1930s

Run i got the pie the cops are coming!

Many teenage boys who get put out of their family would become ''hobos'' they would walk near the tracks and try to hop onto a train to go to city to city looking for work, food, shelter, and other resources for life.

A comic showing a teen running from a dog after probaly stealing a pie.

This song talks about all the hardships the hobo had to deal with and gives them hope for finding happiness.

Some teens having a talk while waiting on a train to head to the next city looking for jobs food and shelter.

The Great Depression of the 1930s marked a time of suffering in the United States. For some, begging, stealing, or going hungry became the norm. Unemployment and poverty rose to unprecedented levels and many took to the rails in search of work or of a better life.

The railroads were a way for teenagers to find adventure, seek new job opportunities, and escape poverty at home.



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