Life of a soldier on the front line

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Social Studies
World War I

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Life of a soldier on the front line

Life of a Soldier on the Front Line: The Men That Risked there Lives

Men were recruited for the war but more people ended up joining the war because it was the thing to do. Groups of friends would join the war together and be staioned together when they got to the battle field or where they were headed in Europe. People were recruited as early as 15 years old

Recruiting Center

Soldiers being Mobilized

Dring mobilzaion you would be told your schedule for the next couple of day as to where you would be going and where you would finally end up. although you were told a final destination that could change very quickly. The war was changing battle field all over Europe so you could be in France one day and then in Russia the next.

Building of the Trenches

During WW1 one of the jobs of the soldier was to build trenches that would be used during warfare. Even a shallow trench could protect a man from being killed. As the war got bigger and bigger more tactics were used as the trenches got more advanced and were used more skillfully. These trenches were where soldiers would basically live as they were preparing for combat.

WW1 Warefare

During WW1 warefare was continuously changing as the war was so long. There were so many people recruited and usedto prepare for the war. War technology isfrequently changing to keep up with the enemy. Who ever has the best technologyand keep there technology ahead would virtually win the war


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