Life of a pharaoh

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Life of a pharaoh

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Fun Facts - The reign of pharaoh's ruled from 3150 - 343 B.C.E- There were roughly 31 dynasties throughout the years that pharaohs ruled.- The top 5 famous pharaoh's are Khafra, Tutankhmun, Hatshepsut, Amenhootep 111, and Ramses 11.

Life as a Pharaohby: Sean and Ben

A gold case was placed on a pharaoh when they died

A pharaoh's meal

This is what they would hunt.

The pharaoh's wife was also considered a powerful ruler, she was called "the great royal wife."


This is what pharaohs wore

The pharaohs wore a nemes (headdress), they would also wear robes, and wore a shendyt which was a royal kilt. They also wear a gold pendant around their neck.

Pharaoh's would hunt in their free time and for fun. They would hunt birds and hippos, but if they were brave enough they would hunt crocodiles.

The pharaoh's daily meals consisted of bread, fish, vegetables,meat, grains and water


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