Life in the Trenches

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Social Studies
World War I

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Life in the Trenches

Living in a trench would be really hard to do. Your feet are constantly in water ( a lot of men got trench foot ) there are many animals/insects living with you giving you diseases, the smell was horrid and if you even moved a little you had a chance of getting shot and killed. The majority of trenches were made not in s strsight path but more zig zag/ box type so if a bomb was thrown in then it would blow up and be contained within that little area.

World War I

The trench sides will crumble easily after rain, so would be built up (‘revetted’) with wood, sandbags or any other suitable material. Trench life was however always one of considerable squalor, with so many men living in a very constrained space. Scraps of discarded food, empty tins and other waste, the nearby presence of the latrine, the general dirt of living half underground and being unable to wash or change for days or weeks at a time created conditions of severe health risk.

Throughout the war, men have lived in trench after trench. These wernt the best things to live in becaue of how unhealthy they would get. There would be rats, lice, frogs, ect. in the bottom of the trenches getting a lot of men sick and potentially killed a lot of them. Rotting carcases lay around in their thousands.

Historical Question

What was it like to live in the trenchs during World War 1?


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Life in the trenches

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