Life in the Red Zone

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Earth Sciences

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Life in the Red Zone

Life In The Red Zone

CONVECTIONHot and cold magma travel differently. Cold is more dense, causing the magma to sink. Heat causes the molecules to go faster and rise up and expand. Thie cycle of hot and cold is referred to as convection.

PLATE TECHTONICSPlate techtonics are spit into ten pieces. They have boundaries (when plates touch) and there are three types: Convergent, Divergent and Transform. The plates move because of Convection. When the rock is heated it rises, but when it reaches the top it cools and sinks because it becomes more dense. The rock is heated by the core and cooled by oxygen.

VOLCANOESVolcanoes are created by seperation/collision of techtonic plates. The collision of plates has two outcomes: they buckle up or one plate goes underneath another. When one plate goes underneath another, it's called Subduction. When Subduction happens, water mixes with the matle rock, lowering its melting point. The melted rocks rises because it is less dense than the surrounding rocks, creating a volcanoe.

EARTHQUAKESEarthquakes happen when plates grind. Friction makes plates stop when they try to move. Potential energy is built up. Then the energy turns into Kinetic Energy. Where the Earthquake starts is called the focus. The energy moves rapidly. BOOM. Earthquakes.

TSUNAMISTsunami's are a huge wave caused by unbderwater earthquakes, landslides, or volcanic eruptions (they're caused by techtonic plates). First stage of a Tsunami is called Generation, which is the process. The second stage is called propagation where it moves away from the source. The last stage is inundation, which floods dry land.

LAYERS OF THE EARTHThe very inside of Earth is the core. It is the densest of all three layers. It is 1/3 of the Earth, made of mostly iron and nickel. After the core if the mantle. It is the secend densest since it is mostly made of magnisium, aluminum, and silicon (67% of Earth). Crust if the least dense and is 1% of Earth's mass, made of Oxygen, silicon, and alimunum. It's in this order because of the density.


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