Life in the middle colonies

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Life in the middle colonies

Family life in the middle coloniesThe women and girls had to clean, cook, make clothing, make soap, make candles, take care of the children, and make cloths. The Men and boys had to build, fix things, work in the garden, hunt, make tools, and raise the animals.

Jobs in the middle coloniesThe jobs in the middle colonies were blacksmiths, farming, and building.

Housing in the middle coloniesRich people lived in brick houes. Other colonists lived in log cabins.

Life in the Middle colonies

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Education In the middle coloniesBoys went to schools and girls were tutored. There was languages, history, literature, mathematics, and natural science.

Weather in the middle coloniesThe spring was rainy, windy, sunny, and cold and hot.The summer was hot and sunny.The fall was windy, a little bit snowy, rainy, cold and hot. The winter was freezing cold, very windy, and lots of snow.

Food in the midddle coloniesThe food was tobbaco, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, shellfish, rice, and corn.

By Kai Lorimor and Jake Stapleton


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