Life in the Ghettos

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Social Studies
World War II

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Life in the Ghettos

Life in the Ghettos

The Bialystok Ghetto wanted to become useful to Germany.

The Warsaw Ghetto

The Lodz Judenrat had difficult and terrible descisions to make.

Henryk Goldsmit's Silent Protest (Warsaw)

A Destroyed Bunker from the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

General Stroop on Trial

Reinhard Heydrich assassinated in 1942 by Czech Resistance

-The desperation in the Ghetto fell upon the Judenrat to solve. -Desperation was especially prevalent in the Warsaw Ghetto. -In Lodz, nobody wanted to volunteer to be taken.-The people knew Henryk Goldsmit by his pen name, Korczak, instead of his actual name. -The Nazis used their intimidation to keep order amongst the Ghettos. They were also supported by the general anti-semitism of the German public. -Uprisings began in the Ghettos. The largest and most well known of which occurred in Warsaw.

An Aryan Point of View


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