Life in Space

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Life in Space

Life In Space By: Julia Granucci

Did you know your health in space can change? This is because the weight of your body, on earth, is on your legs and that works out your muscles. But in space you are floating so you have no weight working your legs out. This means astronauts have to workout on treadmills to keep their muscles functioning and strong.

This man is usinga steppermachine to exerciseand workouthis legs.

Above, there is a picture of an astronaut eating dinner.He is not just eating normal food, he is eating freeze-dried food. Freeze-dried food is food that is dehydrated, which meansall the water is suctioned out so it would notperish inspace, orgo bad. Down belowis a picture picture of freeze-driedice-cream!

Did you know that when you sleep in space you sleep up right! This means it's not that comfortable to sleep in space. You are only sleeping in a sort of sleeping bag that is clipped to the wall which makes for a very siff back the next morning. You also have to sleep near a fan or else you will suffocate.

This is a video of a man on the ISS, squirtingwater out of a tube into a bubble then sucking it up and drinking it. Drinking in space is harder then it apperars, you have to make sure you suck up all of the water so it doesn't float and go into important engine systems on the ISS.

This is a picture ofa man sleepingon the ISS.

Some challenges astronauts face in space is that it is very hard for them digest food because there is no gravity. Another challenge astronautsface is you can not regain the bone mass thattheyhave lost from being in space too long.

This is a video of astronauts giving a first hand idea of what challengesthey face in space.on the ISS.

Here are some fun facts about life in space. When you eat dinner you cannot really taste anything you are eating. In space when you bath you have to use a water gun and a washcloth. Also in space since there is no washing machines after two days of wearing the cloths you have to throw them away. The lastfun fact is that the sun risesever 90 minutes when youare in space.

Here is a video of an astronaut living on the ISS.


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