Life in Ohio in the 1800s

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Life in Ohio in the 1800s

Life in Ohio in the 1800s

The state of Ohio was a free state meaning that there were many abolitionists or people against slavery living there.

In 1849 Ohio produced more corn than any other state in the U.S.

Early Ohioans had only a few textbooks

Traveling on the trail was hard for families since food could run out, and since they could only travel 15 miles a day on a wagon. Imagine how long it took for them to walk!

The first school in Ohio opened in 1773 for indians. William H. McGruffey was an important teacher in Ohio at the time.

General Anthony Wayne fought and defeated the indians at the battle of Fallen Timbers starting on August 20, 1794

Many people traveled using the oregon trail to get from the western part of America to Portland, Oregon.

*In 1833 Oberlin College opened in ohio and was one of the first schools to admit blacks.*When early American settlers decided to travel on the Oregon trail most of them walked.*Many people that lived in ohio were farmers.*Each farmer had to have at least 15-20 apple trees.It was a must back then.*B.F Goodrich began to make rubber products in 1870.*The Cincinnati reds were originally the Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1869.*In the 1800 congress passed the Division Act.*The Division Act created the Indiana Territory and distinguished Ohio from Indiana.* In 1802 the convention in Chillicothe drew the stae of ohio's first constitution.

Slaves used the underground railroad to escape from slavery. The underground railroad helped many slaves become free.


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