Life in mars?

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Life in mars?

Is there life on Mars?

This is the mars rover.NASA sent this car like vehichle to mars and landed on mars on August 6,2012. It landed on an early Monday morning.

Because of the existing iron in the soil on mars it is red. Mars' moon Phobos is getting closer to it and scientists think that their is a possibility it might crash into mars one day. Mars can outshine any planet except for Venus.

Scientists have stated that 3.5 billion years ago that the tempature on mars was as warm early earth. Mars doesn't really have an ozone layer so every time the sun rises it gives off a lethal dose of radiation. Only about a third of spacecrafts that have benn sent to mars have been successful.

People have said to have captured pictures of aliens on mars, but yet no astronauts have visited mars.

Mars has the biggest and tallest volcanoes named olympos mons. It is 15 miles tall which is three times the hight of Mt. Everest.


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