Life in London in Elizabethan Era

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Life in London in Elizabethan Era

London life in the Elizabethian Era

Days for peasents and lower class citizens consisted of trudging off to the fields to work,(as early as 3AM) having some ale (essentially beer.) maybe some bread around mid day then they would trudge back home.

The streets of London were quite filthy. Human waste was thrown out of windows, left to sit on the street, causing many diseases. The foul stench filled the air. Houses were crammed tightly together,


The Governament at the time-in order to avoid a peasent uprising-put the church in charge of the poor population. The tax rate would be decided upon and collected by the towns parish.

If you traveed around the 'ghetto' area of london you would notice that they had created their own form of language. (Canting)This was a form of protection against the law. The idea being, that nobody else could understand you.

I need a bit for the boozing ken(I need money for the pub)

If you clump a cony you can cloy his peck"(if you hit a victim you can steal his food)

If you were a servent to somebody of nobel blood, you would wait on them day and night, but never dine ith them.

Peasents would only eat what they could grow.

Everyone was able to drink ale, even children!


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