Life in Ancient Egypt

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Ancient History

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Life in Ancient Egypt

~Egyptian's worshiped many gods and goddesses who were very powerful, they controlled natural forces and human activities.~They believed that if the people had led good lives and knew the spells from The Book of the Dead then Osiris (a god) would give them eternal life.~ If the body decayed after death, the soul would have no place to live and the soul would not survive in the afterlife, so they embalmed the bodies to protect them for the afterlife. They also did this to animals.~The Egyptian's learned alot form embalming that doctors could sew up cuts and set broken bones.~They also wrote down medical information on papyrus scrolls, which were the world's first medical books.

Political Rulers

Ordinary Egyptians

~The Egptians made a government called theocracy, which means that the same person is both the political leader and the religious leader.~The pharaoh held total power.~Bureaucrats carried out the pharaoh's orders.~Pharaoh's officials collected tax payments of grain from farmers.~The pharaoh had favorites such as officials, priests, and wealthy Egyptains that he distributed land to.


~Egytian people built huge tombs called pyramids to protect the pharaohs' bodies from floods, wild animals and robbers.~They thought that the pharaohs would be happy after death if they had their personal belongings so they put the pharaoh's clothing, weapons, furniture, and jewerly in the pyramids.

Daily Life

~ Daily life differs from the different roles people had, ranking them on a social pyramid.~The higher you are on the chart the more wealthy you are. (see chart above)~Women in Ancient Egypt had more rights than women in other civilizations had. ~Women held legal status, could own property, buy and sell goods, and obtain divorces.~Few children attended school and had time for fun instead.~When teenagers they were expected to get married and start families of their own.~The oldest son and sometimes daughter, were responisble for taking care of their parents whne they become too old or sick, also they had to make sure their parents were given a proper burial after they died.

Life in Ancient Egypt

Religion, Afterlife, and Medical Skills


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