Life in a Stream

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Life in a Stream

Intolerant to Pollution

These critters can tell us about water quality. They can’t swim away when the going gets tough. If a water sample only has creatures that are highly tolerant to pollution, there could be a water quality problem. SEE VIDEO HERE!!

Why are they important?Crayfish, snails, and water beetles are some examples of aquatic macroinvertebrates. So are many insects in their larval stage, such as dragonflies and mayflies. These critters make up the bulk of the diet for amphibians, fish, reptiles, and many birds. They also break down plant materials and allow the nutrients to be available for everyone else.

Tolerant to Pollution

Spiny CrawlerMayfly Nymph

Aquatic Earthworm


Asian Clam

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Photo taken by Shawna Miller

Life in a Stream


Watch mayflies and stoneflies in action!

Biological Monitoring with Students

A Few Examples

EPA Monitoring Protocol

Do you know what a macroinvertebrate is?

Listen to how we used biological sampling in our classroom


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