Life in a Nazi Concentration Camp

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Life in a Nazi Concentration Camp

Life in a Nazi Concentration CampBy: Don Nardo

In this book Don Nardo talks about how the average World War II prisoner would overcome hunger, depression, sickness, fear, and death. It includes the different view points of many different survivors on what the camp was like. The prisoners would talk about how they would see their family being taken away from them, or how the guards would give a lashing of 25 to 50 strokes for a small breakage of the rules. Also it includes some of the most infamous nazis of the war including Dr. Joseph Mangele who preformed countless of inhumane experiments on the prisoners. In conclusion this book provides the reader with interesting information of the average prisoner's life throughout World War II.



The theme of "Life in a Nazi Concentration Camp" mainly focuses around the stuggles around the everyday prisoner's life with the history and timeline of World War II.


Adolf HitlerDr. Joseph MangeleLeopold Goth

It is World War II (1939-1945) throughout many different nazi concentration camps ranging from Poland to Germany including the most infamous concentration camp Aushwitz.

I would recommend this book to any junior or senior high school student who is interested in the deep and emotional values of the holocost. I would only recommend this to older students because of the mature and grapic pictures throughout this book.





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