Life in 100 Years

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Life in 100 Years

Technology will begin to controll everybody's lives. Schools, work, transprtaion, etc. We will be completely reliant on the accessibility to tecnology. It will control every aspect of life and people will begain to think it is the source to all their problems. Eventually, humans, instead of speaking out loud on a cell phone, will be abole to speak with no words by communication through mind to mind.

Soon there will be no schools. It will all be at home and the teacher will appear as a holograph. Since technology is so advanced there will be no school books. Also they wont need pictures or real life examples. If a doctor wanted to show a live transplant or surgery they will use holograms.

The world will not need any government. There will be no more wars or terrorist attacks. They will make a serum for people to take so everyone will want social happiness and harmony. The world will get extremely over populated. Instead of building houses outward and expanding, they will build up and up. They will also build floating houses on the ocean for more room. After expanding they will eventually begain to build on Mars.

The world will be so crowded, so there won't be as many roads. People will no longer drive places, they will have their comuter based cars drive places for them. Large trucks that transport merchandise will no longer require drivers. People will not have to walk anywhere either, they will stand on hoverboards.



People will no longer get sick or viruses. They will invent a shot to give everyone so they dont get sick. There doctors will not preform surgey, they will have robots do it. Parents will be able to chose their childs hair and eye color before they are born. If you want to change your hair or eye color you can take a pill to change that trait instead of dying your hair or using contacts. Or if you need glasses for bad eye sight, you will not have to wear glasses.

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Life in 100 Years

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