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life cycle

Sam: Advice for a good life?

Jewish Life

Lois:Pick the good things, associate with nice people. Belong to a temple, make friends with the people there, and to participate in the really good and healthy things they do. They encompass not just Jewish people, but all kinds of people. And in that way you get to grow and understand, and a whole life opens up for you in all different areas.

Sam;Is there anything eles you want to add?

Lois:I could go on forever.Jewish young people today have a wonderful opportunity to spread a lot of good things. I don’t mean a lot of money and things like toys or books, but I mean ideas. The best ideas come from you people, at your age. You know what you see.

Sam:Is there any thing you want to say about how to make friends if you are a different religion?

Lois:Yes. If you belive in Judaism, and follow the thinking of the Jewish people, but then you sit next to someone who isof a different religion.

Sam:It's not a problem for me. Most of my friends are Catholic, or Italian. I have friends from Pakistan and Cape Verde and they may not be Jewish but people like them for being them.

Lois:Well that's the point. You are who you are. A good life is to be you.


Please scroll to read all of this:It doesn't matter if you are Catholic, Jewish, and so forth -- be with people you like and get along with.There may be bullies pushing you down and making you sad -- don't be like that or you will have a life with no friends to hang out with or to play with. People will be scared of you and run. That is not a good life for anyone. To live a good life you need friends to help you when you're sad, to spend time with, and to keep you happy. And life isn't just about friends it is also family to help you when you need it. Being responsible is one of the most important things in a good life. Without responsibility you will be in lots of trouble. People need to know who you are and what you're like. Friends, family and responsibility can help you live a good life. Don't be one of those people with no friends or no one to help you.Be one of those people with the friends to help you. Be a person who is trustworthy to friends. People don't care if you are black or white, people like you for you.

Here is something I , Samantha, would like to tell you about ...

How To Live A Good Jewish Life

Baby Naming: It is a welcome into a jewish world.Bar/Bat mitzvas: it is a welcime into adult world in Jewish life.Weddings: A ceremony of a new person in your life.Funeral/Sitting Shiva: To let someone in your life go in peace and freedom. Feelings happen and it is ok.

Baby Naming:A welcome into the Jewish world. A celebration of life. Seeing and hearing new faces in the strange world around you. A journey of life to come within and around you. That is why this is important.

Bar/Bat mitzva:A life of responsiblity in your young adult life. Able to do more things like reading the torah. Expecting more things from you is how it goes on in life.

Wedding:Welcoming a new person to your family. Happiness is spread throughout your family. Things in your life change. A journey of love and happiness awaits you now.

Funeral/Sitting Shiva:Letting a friend or family member move on with no pain or worries. Nothing to harm them. Sadness occurs and that is ok. Life moves on. Feelings spread. It happens to everyone at some point in life. Memories are all you'll have left.

Baby Namings, Bar/Bat mitzvas, Weddings, Funeral/ Sitting Shiva.

My conversation with Lois about life. See below:



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