[2015] Emilie Hamilton: Life Cycle of the Cheetah

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[2015] Emilie Hamilton: Life Cycle of the Cheetah

Life Cycle

A Cheetah

The cheetah is the worlds fastest land animal. It can excellerate from 0-100Km iin just 3 seconds! These big cats can make sudden turns inorder in catch prey.

Interesting FacstcUnlike normal wild cats, a cheetah is already born with dark spots.Life span of a cheetah is 10-12 but some live up to 20.

Two month old cheetah

Phase 4

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Four month old cheetah

A six month old cheetah

18 month old cheetah

A new born cheetah

Two year old cheetah

Phase 5

Phase 6

A new born cheetah is about 150g - 300g in wieght and is born with their eyes closed.

At two months the Cheetah's eyes finally open and it starts to see the wild.

At four months the cheetah cub can walk all by itself.

The mother leaves the cubs but the siblilings form a group and stay together for the next 6 months.

At two years, the females leave the group but the males remain together for life.

A six month old cheetah stops drinking its moms milk and starts eating real food.

By: Emilie Hamilton


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