Life Cycle of the Bug

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Life Cycle of the Bug

Honey Bees are Dying!

Specialist 7

By: Kaylee Sandoval, Ivanna Valverde, Megan Goldin, Rhyan Pattaway

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Honey Bee

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the danger of mass deaths of honey bees, Australian scientist have been studying a way to micro-sensor the honey bees. The micro-sensors would allow us to see the behaviors of bees in and out of their environments. It will also tell us about their feeding, when their collecting pollen and what they are doing in their hives.

the crops that we need are not able to produce as much because they aren’t getting pollinated. This creates a lack of food and increases the cost for foods that normally would be pretty cheap. Millions of dollars of crops are ruined from the lack of pollination.

The lack of arthropod pollination is killing lots of crops in the area.

Honeybees can get deformed wings that inhibit them from flying.

Some blood sucking mites varroa and other pests like to attack the hives for their honey killing entire populations.

Pesticides are also a big thing that can kill the colonies. The chemicals are creating fugis that kill off the populations.

These sensors will be lighter than the pollen they collect .0002 ounces and are glued to the back on honey bees. Although we can’t do anything about climate changes, we can help see their development and how they could adapt to these climates. Possible solutions for farmers is they can pay beekeepers to bring healthy colonies to the area around their farms so that the crops can get pollinated.

No education is required for a crop farmer however an agricultural related bachelor's degree is beneficial. You can either work on family owned local or large corporation owned farms. They must have knowledge of different insects, pesticides, parasites, and entomology in order to keep their crops healthy.Crop farmers are expected to keep records and reports on crop rotations, expenses, and yields that they must report to the government regularly. In order to use the chemicals and pesticides needed to harvest mass amounts of crops, many crop farmers are required to

to be licensed. Being a crop farmer means that you could either be a farm manager and oversee everything taking place on your land, or you can be involved in the general labor in selecting and picking crops, watering, moving the dirt, etc. They need to be able to work in all weather conditions and control large equipment.


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