Life cycle of a Salmon

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Cycles & Processes

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Life cycle of a Salmon



Bog: Wet, Spongy ground containing decayed vegatable matter

Pond: a body of water smaller than a lake.

Fen: Low land covered wholly or partially with plants/ water

Slough: An area of shallow water.Swamp or swamplike region

Marsh: a tract of low wetland. Mostly contains cattails.

Life Cycle of a Salmon



Adult Salmon




Adaptation of a Frog-Frogs have webbed feat so its easier to swim. - Their noses are on the top of their heads so they can breath when their paritially in the water.- They have clear eyelids so they can see in the water. - Their skin is camoflaged so they blend in- Their eyes are on the sides of their heads so they can see behind them without moving.

Adaptations of a Beaver- Beavers have large tails that make it easier to swim- Beavers have a clear eyelid so they can see in the water- They front teeth are very strong so they can cut down trees to make dams and lodgesTheir fur is water proof so they aren't always caring around extra weight

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ProducersPlants are the main producer. Producer means that it can make food for itself. A plant takes in sunlight and turns it into food

DecomposerA decomposer is like a worm. after it eats it turns it into organic material

ConsumerA consumer is an animal that can not make food for itself, so it eats otheranimals.

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What can we do to protect our Wetlands!Don't build dams through wetlands because it will stop the water flow. Join programs to help clean up wetlands. Don't throw waste in the wetlands because it pollutes the water. Don't use lots of fertillizer, weed killer or bug killer because the

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