Life cycle of a ladybird!

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Life cycle of a ladybird!

1) At the beginning of a ladybird's life cycle the ladybird starts off as an egg. Ladybirds lay eggs in rows or clusters on the under side of a leaf. These eggs hatch into larvae, which are small bugs that are baby ladybirds.2) Larvae eat small insects like aphids and mites. All larvae need to eat a lot to become a adult ladybird. Larvae start to grow and look different and begin to shed skin. This is called moulting.They become bigger each time they shed.3) In two weeks the larvae looks like a lobster without legs or claws.The DNA causes something awesome to happen when this pupa lies on the leaf...Pupa splits apart and out comes the ladybird! It has to wait till its shell hardens, then it can fly off!4) When the ladybird is an adult it has to wait about 24 hours to get its spots.Facts! Most ladybirds live for about one year, but some species can live for two to three years .Female ladybirds are actually bigger than than male ladybirds because when the male is searching for a mate, it tries to look for the bigger ones.There are about 5,000 different species of ladybirds in the world.One ladybird can eat up to 5,000 insects in its lifetime! In a female ladybirds life time it can lay as many as 2000 eggs!!!


Life cycle of Ladybirds !

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    OMG wow, this glog is awesome! I LOVE LADYBIRDS! When i went to primary school, we used to always find lady birds on de turf and make it our pets! :D

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    Dis glg is very cute