Life Cycle of a Butterfly

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Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Eastern populations spend winter in Florida, along the coast of Texas, and in Mexico, and return to the north in spring. Monarch butterflies follow the same migration patterns every year.

What happens when you eat a caterpillar?

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

-Butterfly lays eggs on a leaf.-The caterpillars then hatch from the eggs.-The caterpillar then goes through a larva stage.-The caterpillar larva creates a chysalis called the pupa stage, which it lives in for 2 weeks!-A beautiful butterfly then emerges!

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The larva will grow over 2 inches long and shed its skin over four or five times!

The butterfly larva creates a chrysalis whereas moth larva create cocoons!

Butterflies can lay eggs in spring, summer, or fall!

When caterpillar larva hatch from the egg, it eats the leaves it was hatched on.



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