Life Cycle- Butterfly

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Life Cycle- Butterfly

Once the eggs hatch they become a Caterpillar also called Larva. Caterpillars spend most of their day eating.

Butterfly Life Cycle

This is the final stage for this cycle, once they come out of the Chrysalis they are a butterfly. The female butterfly will lay eggs and the cycle is created all over again.

Once the Caterpillars have eaten many leaves they create a hard shell called a Chrysalis also called Pupa. They spend many days in the Chrysalis until they are ready to come out.

After students look look at this glogster the students will create their own life cycle and label it. Students will also write 3 sentences on their life cycle.

Eggs are laid by the female butterfly. The eggs can come in many different shapes and sizes.

Content standard:3rd Grade- Life ScienceLife Cycle of organisms


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