Life as We Knew It

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Life as We Knew It

Life as We Knew ItBy Susan Pfeffer



Miranda Evans feels her world slipping away after an asteroid makes contact with the moon, shifting it closer to Earth. Due to the moon's now stronger gravitational pull, natural disasters such as tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanic activity plague the planet. The nation cannot function, leaving those who have best adapted to live on. Throughout all of this, Miranda consistently keeps a journal while food, water, and heat become a reoccuring problem that might kill her in the end.

"The electricity came on for the second time today while we were eating.This may be a fool's paradise, but it's a paradise nonetheless.”

Just after the shift in orbit, Miranda continued to engage in the same activities she may have months beforehand. For example, the family could have purchased food on any day of the week. Yet as time went by, clarit. Swimming was completely irrelevant when the grocery stores were closed. School didn't matter when her family was sick.

StatementSome might think that a lot of things in their lives are necessary. Their phone, a favorite pair of jeans, even the family dishwasher. Miranda was completely relatable in that aspect. But as she lost things that seemed important, they turned out to be the exact opposite. As the reader follows her, they can see what Miranda had to go through in order to chage the way she saw things. Susan Pfeffer really made a prominant statement by demonstrating that as Miranda physically lost things, she was able to figure out what really mattered to her.

Miranda Evans - is the average sixteen year old girl that records her life in first person throughout her diaryLaura Evans - is the divorced mother of the children whom takes the family's survival in full strideMatt Evans - is Mirand'as older brother and role model whom provides and cares for the familyJohnny Evans - is Miranda's baseball-loving younger brother

NecessityOne of the most prominant themes in this story is necessity. What did Miranda really need? In the begining, she thought that a number of things mattered. But when the asteroid put an end a lot of the activities she would normally partake in, her view drastically changed.


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