Life as Sacagawea

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Life as Sacagawea

Sacagawea had a huge impact on the westward expansion...She made sure the new territory was safe for the pilgrims to move on and live in peace and expand the U.S.A!!!!!!!

FUN FACTS:Sacagawea means ''Bird Woman''She had a baby during the expedition.Some mountian peaks are named after her.

Sacagawea helped them get food, shelter and safety so they woulden't get hurt on their travels.

Sacagawea was a Native American Woman who helped guide Lewis and Clark on their journey. She helped chart land and showed them different routes around the New unexplored territory.

Life as Sacagawea

Sacagawea(Native American Woman)

Men sent by Thomas Jefferson to explore new territory.

Her Babyboy

Pompy in a papoos

In conclusion, Sacagawea was a huge help. She risked her life to assist Lewis and Clark map and explore the territory in safety.

Sacagawea was from the Shostone Indian Tribe but was captured and taken to another Trbe.


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