[2014] Antonia (Ancient Egypt): Life as a Spartan

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[2014] Antonia (Ancient Egypt): Life as a Spartan

Military training Boys from the age of 7 to 20 stayed in military camps learning how to be a good and loyal soldier. The men fought full time in the military till age 30 then served as part time soldiers till 60. To become a citizen you had to complete military training and serve the military for 10 years. Jobs Architects built and designed theaters, temples, schools, and other public buildings. Actors had to have a good memory to know their lines and where they had to stand. Teachers could teach language arts, music, and sports. Farmers had the hardest job and got paid very little. Most work was completed by helots, or slaves. Helots got paid very little and did the hardest jobs in Sparta. Citizens tasks Women would stay at home and take care of the house and the children. Men made money for their family and worked. Girls until married, had to stay at home except for festivals and the Olympics. Boys lived at training camps.

Life as a Spartan

Antonia Billante

Spartan city hall



Sparta fighting

Spartan location

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