Life As A Jew

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Jewish History

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Life As A Jew

Life as a Jew

"The Night of Broken Glass"

IntroThe nigh tof Kristallnacht the storm troopers broke into my home. I could hear my parents screaming from their bedroom. I hid my self in in the closet underneath some of our luggage. When I came out our whole house was destroyed. My family and I would later be sent to the concentration camp, Dachau, this is where we would spend the rest of the war. The ride to the concentraion camp was the worst over 100 people were shoved into my railroad car for 3 days. We had no food or water and no where to use the restroom. Whe we finally arrived at the Dachau we were taken out of the railroad cars and given a slice of bread. They started seperating us into 2 groups. My grandpa was sent to one group while my dad and brother and I were sent to another. I never saw my Grandpa again. My brother, Dad, and I worked everyday with little food or water.

WhenKristallnacht - Nov. 9, 1938 Dachau was closed by Americans in April, 1945.

WhyThe genocide of the jews occured do to the dictator, Hitler. He made the people of Germany believe that the Jewish people were to blame for the problems the country was facing. Hitler felt that all the people non-aryan needed to be gone.

WhoHitler blamed non-aryans and more specifically Jews for the hardship occuring in the German nation.

What HappenedOn the day of Kristallnacht many Jewih people's homes were destroyed. Later the Jewish people of Germany lives were taken away from them snd they could no longer have any property. Many Jews were sperated from their families and placed in concentration camps where the worked until they died or were killed in a gas chamber.

Cause/EffectThe cause of the holocaust was Hitler's belief that non-aryan people caused the problems that the country faced. The effect of this was the trumatic event that killed millions of people and more were forced to work in labor camps.

Where"The Night of Broken Glass" - KristallnachtDachua Concentration Camp- Dachua


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