Life and Times of Roald Dahl

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Life and Times of Roald Dahl

- 09/13/1916-11/23/1990- Born in South Wales- Attended bording school- Insatiable urge for adventure- Worked for Shell Oil in Africa after graduating- Joined the Royal Airforce- WW2 fighter jet pilot- Dahl started by telling his children adventurous and fantastic bedtime stories- Alot of his book charcters were pulled from his real life- He wrote a total of 19 childrens books and solidified his place as one of our greatest childrens lit authors of our time- He also wrote many short stories as well as movie scripts

Roald Dahl

All about Dahl

Dahl's childrens book list

- The Gremlins- James and the Giant Peach- Charlie and the chocolate factory- The magic finger- Fantastic Mr. Fox- Charlie and the glass elvator- Danny the Champion of the World- The enormous crocodile- The Twits- The BFG- Revolting Rhymes- Dirty Beasts- The Witches- The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me- Matilda- Rhyme Stew- Esio Trot- My Year

September 13th is National Roald Dahl Day. We honor Dahl because of his many achievements not only in the childrens literature world but also his scripts for movies and short story collections. He is a name that will live on for many many years. He is shuch an integral part of literature. I grew up on Dahl and his stories would transport me into a different dimension.

The life and times of one of our most creative childrens authors

" A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." -Dahl

"As I went on, the stories became less and less realistic and more fantastic. Becoming a writer was a pure FLUKE. Without being asked I doubt if i'd ever thought of it." -Dahl This website contains the full Roald Dahl bio from birth to death. This website contains all things Roald Dahl as you can imagine. It is the official Roald Dahl website and mecca. Of course this is a fan club fan page. Lots of interesting and random fun facts about Dahl.


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